Rockwind Mid-scale Wind Turbines
The better way to generate power for businesses, schools and other organizations: Onsite

The operative word here is free:
  • Free* electricity after the turbine has paid for itself
  • Freedom from utility price increases
  • Makes electricity from wind, so the world is more free of greenhouse gases and mining wastes
  • Because we carefully and fully refurbish and modernize these industrialstrength turbines our customers should experience freedom from expensive repairs for years.
  • Free highly visible (but not too visible) advertising to your customers and the world that you believe in sustainability.
  • Free location marker. Becomes a landmark by which your customers or stakeholders will know where you are located.  Avoid those multi-hundred thousand dollars signs that consume electricity.
  • Free preliminary analysis of your site’s wind energy potential.
*Payback in much of the Midwest, East and West is in less than 10 years – in
some places maybe half that time with tax credits and better wind.  Annual
maintenance costs are typically less than 10% of the value of the electricity
produced.  In some states, e.g. Illinois, Massachusetts and California, there are
net-metering laws that add to the value of on-site generation.