Why a Remanufactured Wind Turbine?

Onsite generation is a very visible daily reminder to everyone, your employees, your customers, your investors, and your community of your commitment to operating a Sustainable Business.
It an era of Climate Change, surging world population, a burgeoning middle class around the world, there is a huge need to develop technologies and systems for better use and reuse of the earth’s finite resources – the Circular Economy

RockWind Venture Partners (RWVP) has taken the mission of recycling wind turbines.  These huge machines weigh 100,000 + pounds and require a huge investment to install. Yet, even with that investment there is an ever greater need to produce even more electric energy from the best wind areas. 

In Europe where wind is a very important component to producing clean renewable electricity, governments have provided incentives for companies to repower wind farms that were installed as recently as 10 years ago.  Rapid advancement in wind turbine technology in terms of size of turbines has made 10 year old turbines obsolete for wind farm use.  So older turbines are replaced by much larger more productive new turbines, vastly increasing the energy output of a given wind farm area.

Given Europe’s very strict rules on throwing materials in landfills, these used turbines are sold on a used turbine marketplace that has sprung up in Europe.  Most are promptly purchased and installed as is in third world countries.

RWVP has seen the value in the turbines for US use in distributed applications, i.e. using them one at a time near buildings or on campuses where their power production can flow into the micro-grid and offset purchased power at retail prices.  This provides our customers with a great return on investment (in the proper wind areas) while giving a very visible notice to the world that the organization is committed to sustainable operations.